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Individual Psychotherapy

I provide one-on-one psychotherapy in a confidential, supportive and caring environment, where we can work together to establish a collaborative and trusting relationship and where you can feel safe exploring your personal goals, challenges, relationships and emotions. Treatment plans are identified in a cooperative process and all therapy is specifically individualized to address your therapeutic needs.

I will work with you to develop an awareness of how your personal history has impacted your life and decisions, and we will develop strategies that are forward-looking and focused on resolving issues relating to career, depression, self-esteem, anxiety or any other personal challenges while also helping to you to explore your inner-self to help enhance your daily experiences.

Whatever your goals may be, I will help you develop strategies and insight that promote healing, provide you with a sense of purpose, and enable you to move forward and find fulfillment in your life.


As a Psychologist in New York City, I value the benefit of meeting face to face. However, there are many variables that can make getting to therapy difficult if not impossible. I provide psychotherapy via teleconferencing to accommodate various circumstances.


I am an out-of-network provider however, many insurance companies reimburse in part or in full for therapy sessions. Please contact your insurance company at the beginning of treatment to determine how you may be compensated for services. I can provide you with a monthly ‘superbill’ to submit to insurance that will have all the necessary information required for reimbursement.

*I occasionally offer reduced rates based on individual circumstances. Please let me know if this is something you’d like to discuss further.

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